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« I will spend my heaven doing good on earth...» Sainte Thérèse de l'Enfant Jésus

You are God's hands

This is what Pope Francis said to a group of nuns in a meeting at the Vatican. These sisters work in the Amazon rainforest with the lepers and orphans.
"God and mosquitoes are the only witnesses of what these wonderful women does," says a missionary who visits them regularly.
I loved the expression "God's hands." I thought of so many good people, "Missionaries together" with us, whom support each of these projects that we can achieve. Whether it is wells and clear drinking water, proper care for these poor lepers left to themselves... they are loved and caressed by the hands of God that you are.
It is true that these small gestures with big consequences do not make the headlines! But these small gestures will weigh heavily on God's day.
It's nice to pray with joined hands: open hands who know to help and give are even more beautiful. That's when the commandment of God in action. Love God and neighbor.
Don't give up. The land is huge and the Lord is at work.
Heavenly Father hiring. When it comes to love and support, no unemployment!

Fr. Clifford Cogger, ofm cap.


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