A Missionary Community

The Order of Capuchins has a long history as missionaries. The members of the Eastern Province in Canada have worked in Ethiopia , in India , and are still present in Chad .

Although they lived in great poverty, the missionaries needed considerable financial help to be able to build schools, dispensaries, hospitals, churches and also to be able to distribute food especially in times of drought and famine.

It was in 1939 that a first Missionary Centre (procure) whose main objective was to meet the needs of the Canadian missionaries with the help of Canadian people, was set up. In 1953, the periodical, " Capuchins in India" , now known as " Missionaries Together " , was published for the first time and was meant to inform and interest the general public in the missionary work of the Capuchins.

In 1961, when Father Armand Bolduc became director of the Centre, he placed it under the protection of the "Little Flower" , Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. In the years that followed, the procure grew to the point that it had to be assigned its own building. It was in 1967 that the Saint Thérèse Missionary Centre, located on Esplanade Avenue in Montreal , was inaugurated. Father Bolduc remained in charge of the Centre until 1984. He was succeeded by Father Clifford Cogger (1984-1990, and 2005- ) and Jean-Guy Lanthier (1990-2005).

As the Centre approaches its 40 th anniversary, it continues to support the works of the Capuchins as well as that of several Third World charitable organizations, besides helping its Canadian missionaries on a regular basis.

( The Francophone Capuchins of Canada , Father Godefroy C. Devost, 1993 )







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