Development projects

In concert with other organizations, the Center helps finance projects such as irrigation, well digging, creation of coops, leadership training programs, community storage facilities...

Social commitments

Local churches are conscious of their unrgent responsability to be active promoters of the development of their people and we stand behind them on this ground.

We back up the efforts of these communities in their social commitments: care of the sick, of lepers in particular; maintenance of mobile clinics, dispensaries or hospitals; health personnel training; nutrition or literacy programs, formal education, children's home...

Support of the young Churches

As a religious institution, one of our purposes is to be a support for the local Churches in their own growth. They need help to maintain seminaries, training centers for religious men and women and lay community leaders. Simply to provide a living for their pastor is often beyons a community's means.

Emergency programs

After the important natural disasters of the last years, with the help of all our friend, the Center had contributed directly to the reconstruction, with the help of its network of partners all around the globe: Capuchins and non-governmental organizations. In each case, we do everithing to help directly the local communities.





Our mandate

Commissioned by the Canadian Capuchins to be their link with the thousands who wish to help missionaries in their apostolic work, the Center's task is to bring together these benefact-ors and the Third World Christ-ian communities to whom their help is destined.

As the generosity of our friends has kept growing through the years, it has become possible to expand this service to other missionaries in Latin America as well as in Africa or Asia.

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