Affiliation with the Missionary Solidarity Movement

On various occasions, such as an anniversary, an illness, the loss of a loved one, offering an affiliation to the MSM is an appropriate gesture to manifest your friendship and to call the blessings of God upon those we love.

It is also a form of participation in the missionary action of the Church, especially that of the thousands of Capuchin missionaries who are working throughout the world to bring relief and comfort to the poorest of the poor. In return, these missionaries promise to join in the prayers of all these benefactors when they celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

Suggested offering for an affiliation :

$ 5 to affiliate a person for one year

$15 to affiliate a person in perpetuity

$50 to affiliate a family in perpetuity

You would like to enroll a person? Simply follow the directions given below:

A. Fill in the Affiliation card that you remit to the person or the family. The card is supplied free of charge.

B. Complete the Affiliation form and return it to us with the appropriate offering, depending on the type of affiliation. You may enroll several persons on the same form.

C. You may order a few cards ahead of time, to have them on hand when the need arises. These will be forwarded gratuitously.

D. For a perpetual affiliation, we suggest that you replace the card by the “Golden booklet”

Click on the following link to see the cards and booklets available :

wish to see the cards


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