Our actual campain: A helping hand to dig a well, buy a bag of cement or a sheet of metal for the roof of a school, to purchase a bag of rice for a leper unable to cultivate his own field or to provide medicine for needy sick people.

St. Theresa March of Roses: One rose will not change the world but what difference it can make in my garden! Dimes will not feed the world but they will put a little rice on the table of a brother or sister. True to her promise "to let down showers of roses on the earth", St. Theresa gives her protection to those who shower small gestures of kindness and generosity around them.

Missionary Solidarity Movement : By joining their efforts to those of the Missionaries, the members od the M.S.M. become entitled to the spiritual benefits of their masses, communions, prayers and apostolic commitment.

Mass Offerings : Often the only material support for our missionaries.

Legacies and Life Endowment Plans : Financial planning is essential in these days, but do you know that charity can be part of your plans?

Formation of future priests and Catechists : There are quite a few young people who answer yes to the call of the Lord. We try to help a number of them thtrough their studies to priesthood. We help also these women and men who offer their heart and goodwill to proclaim the Word of God by providing them with books, study sessions and training periods.



Water for families...

Treatment for the sick...

Schools for children...

A future for everyone



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Montréal (Québec) Canada
H2C 1A9

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Business hours :
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An apostleship of
the Capuchins of Eastern Canada

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